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                          Nailbomb - Point Black (1994)                               The Clay People - Cringe (1995)
                             24 Hour Bullshit (feat. Dino Cazares)                                                   Lethargic (feat. Burton C. Bell)
                                                                                                                                      We Are All Sick (feat. Burton C. Bell)
                                                                                                                                               Spit (feat. Burton C. Bell)

                            Unit : 187 - Unit : 187 (1996)                               Kilgore - Search For Reason (1998)
                             F.O.A.D. (feat. Byron Stroud)                                                               TK 421 (feat. Burton C. Bell)
                            Pointless (feat. Byron Stroud)

                                 Soulfly - Soulfly (1998)                                   Spineshank - Strictly Diesel (1998)
              Eye For An Eye (feat. Burton C. Bell & Dino Cazares)                             Stain (Start The Machine) (feat. Burton C. Bell)
                           No One (feat. Cristian O. Wolbers)

                  Apartment 26 - Hallucinating (2000)                                 Kill II This - Trinity (2001)
                                 Void (feat. Burton C. Bell)                                                                  2 Tribes (feat. Burton C Bell)

                Cypress Hill - Stoned Raiders (2001)                       Front Line Assembly - Civilization (2004)
                      Catastrophe (feat. Cristian O. Wolbers)                                             Civilization (feat. Cristian O. Wolbers)
                         Trouble (feat. Cristian O. Wolbers)

                          Great Metal Covers 34 (2004)                           Non Phixion - The Future Is Now (2004)
      Danzig - Enter Sandman (Metallica Cover) (feat. Burton C. Bell)         The CIA Is Still Trying To Kill Me (feat. Christian & Raymond)

      Static-X - Beneath... Between... Beyond... (2004)            Still Life Decay - Storm & Stress (2004)
                           Burning Inside (feat. Burton C. Bell)                                                         Detach (feat. Burton C. Bell)

                 Mischief Invasion Soundtrack (2004)               Roadrunner United - The All-Star Sessions (2005)
                             Archetype (Transformer Mix)                                                    The Dagger (feat. Cristian O. Wolbers)
                   Heavy Loop (feat. Cristian O. Wolbers)                                                  The Enemy (feat. Dino Cazares)
                            Cruise (feat. Raymond Herrera)                                                            The End (feat. Dino Cazares)
                             Flight (feat. Raymond Herrera)                              Independent (Voice Of The Voiceless) (feat. Cristian O. Wolbers)
                             Prey (feat. Raymond Herrera)                                                       The Rich Man (feat. Cristian O. Wolbers)
                                                                                                                            Baptized In The Redemption (feat. Dino Cazares)
                                                                                                                              Army Of The Sun (feat. Cristian O. Wolbers)
                                                                                                                                       No Mas Control (feat. Dino Cazares)

           We Reach - The Music Of The Melvins (2005)                         Soil - True Self (2006)
              Strapadon Factory - Joan Of Arc (feat. Burton C. Bell)                                    Forever Dead (feat. Burton C. Bell)

                           M.A.N. - Peacenemy (2008)                               Cycle Of Pain - Cycle Of Pain (2009)
                         My Own Sickness (feat. Burton C. Bell)                                                Cycle Of Pain (feat. Burton C. Bell)

                    Ministry - The Last Sucker (2007)                                    Ministry - Cover Up (2008)
                           Die In A Crash (feat. Burton C. Bell)                             Under My Thumb (The Rolling Stones Cover) (feat. Burton C. Bell)
                       End Of Days Part 1 (feat. Burton C. Bell)
                       End Of Days Part 2 (feat. Burton C. Bell)
       Ministry - The Last Dubber (2009)
          Die In A Crash (Point of Impact Mix) 
          End Of Days Part 1 (One Less Sparrow Mix) 
         End Of Days Part 2 (Extreme Mayan Makeover Mix)

       Отдельные треки :
     Killing Zone - All Along The Watchtower (feat. Raymond Herrera)
   Killing Zone - All My Life (feat. Raymond Herrera)
   Killing Zone - They Won't Stop Me (feat. Raymond Herrera)
    Tweaker - I Am The One (feat. Burton C. Bell)

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