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                                        HIDEAWAY (1995)                                                              JOHNNY MNEMONIC (1995)
                               Scumgrief (Deep Dub Trauma Mix)                                                    Scumgrief (Deep Dub Trauma Mix)

                                 MORTAL KOMBAT (1995)                                                               BEOWULF (1999)
                                             Zero Signal                                                                                           Cyberdyne

            UNIVERSAL SOLDIER 2-THE RETURN (1999)                                                BLAST (2000)
                                 Securitron (Police State 2000)                                                                      Resurrection

                               GINGER SNAPS (2000)                                                  THE CROW 3-SALVATION (2000)
                                      Cloning Technology                                                           Static-X - Burning Inside (feat. Burton C. Bell)

                               RESIDENT EVIL (2002)                                           THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE (2003)

                 Invisible Wounds (Dark Bodies) (The Suture Mix)                                                      Archetype (Remix)

                            GALERIANS : RION (2004)                                                                      SAW (2004)

                                        Archetype (Remix)                                                                        Bite The Hand That Bleeds

                           ALONE IN THE DARK (2005)                                                           MR. BROOKS (2007)

                                              Cyberwaste                                                                                     Transgression

                                CARMAGEDDON (1997)                                                                 TEST DRIVE 5 (1998)
                                        Demanufacture                                                                                 21st Century Jesus
                                           Zero Signal                                                                                      Genetic Blueprint
                                          Body Hammer                                                                                           Replica

                              DEMOLITION RACER (1999)                                                          TEST DRIVE 6 (1999)
                                          Demolition Racer                                                                                            Cars
                                         Machine Debaser
                                         Full Metal Contact 
                                Descent (Falling Deeper Mix)
                            Edgecrusher (Urban Assualt Mix)
                                Will There Never Be An End

                                         MESSIAH (2000)                                                                        FREQUENCY (2002)          
                                         Remanufacture                                                                                            Frequency
                                            Hunter-Killer                                                                             Frequency (Tripp-Quency Remix)
                                        Self Bias Resistor

                THE TERMINATOR-DAWN OF FATE (2002)                                       XXX 2-ROADRUGE (2003)
                                         Full Metal Contact                                                                                            Replica
                                            Hi-Tech Hate

      TOM CLANCY'S RAINBOW SIX-LOCKDOWN (2005)                      FINAL FIGHT-STREETWISE (2006)
                                               Lockdown                                                                                              Archetype
                                Rainbow 6 Lockdown Theme                                                                          Moment Of Impact

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